Shelly Chartier Net Worth

Shelly Chartier Net Worth – The Woman Behind the Catfishing Saga

Shelly Chartier was the mastermind behind a global catfishing scandal, featuring NBA star Chris Andersen and aspiring model Paris Dunn. She created online personas that allowed her to communicate with both men, even setting up a fake Twitter account to stay connected.

As a result of her online activities, she was eventually arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison for impersonating and extortion. Additionally, she was ordered off social media sites for one year as well as placed under solitary confinement for one year.

She is now divorced with two children, living on a First Nations reserve in Canada with her son and daughter. Unfortunately, she struggles with numerous health issues as well as low income.

She has become the talk of the Internet due to her lack of dental care and poor oral hygiene practices.

Shelly is an Indigenous woman born in 1985 who grew up in Easterville, a small town on the Chemawawin Cree Nation. Her parents passed away when she was young, so for much of her life she dedicated herself to caring for her ailing mother.

After she dropped out of school, she embarked on a career as an online con artist. She used various identities such as reality star Brody Jenner and fake Facebook profiles called “Arianna Grande.”

She created multiple accounts to look like Chris Andersen’s best friend Tom Taylor, using them to send messages and photos to the NBA player.

Shelly sent Andersen nude pictures that were considered child pornography, prompting police to search his home. When officers examined the contents of his computer, they discovered many images taken by Shelly.

Once she was exposed, she acknowledged her actions were wrong but blamed herself for falling for the scam. She claimed to be socially anxious and needed to suppress her emotions from others.

She credits prison with helping her come out of her shell and learn to interact with others. Moreover, she says it has given her the chance to find love again: she’s married to Rob Markhu, a furniture mover from New York.

What is Shelly Chartier’s net worth?

She is a former con artist renowned for her involvement in the catfishing case involving NBA star Chris Andersen and teen girl Paris Dunn. Her story has been covered extensively by multiple news outlets, leading to an online following of thousands.

At present, her net worth totals $30,000 USD. Additionally, she has appeared as a guest on numerous TV shows such as Catfish: The TV Show.

Her parents died in a car accident when she was six, leaving her with an upbringing that was difficult. Raised without access to television or other forms of social media, she endured an arduous childhood.

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