Shealen Uaiwa

Shealen Uaiwa Wants to Divorce BJ Penn a Third Time?

Shealen Uaiwa has been the long-term girlfriend of MMA star B.J. Penn. The couple have been together for over ten years and even lived together for a time. There are rumors that Shealen Uraiwa is considering divorcing B.J. Penn could be back for the third time, which could spell trouble. But, despite this, B.J. Penn isn’t leaving Shealen Uaiwa just yet.

Shealen Uaiwa was in a relationship for more than three decades with Penn, but a court rejected her divorce petition and their reconciliation. These claims are not supported by public records, but there is a strong possibility of the couple reuniting. The relationship is still low-key. Shealen would like to gain more modeling experience and build her portfolio.

According to reports, the two are currently living together in Hawaii, Penn’s hometown. The two were inseparable, and Penn visited Hawaii several times. Penn and Shealen have two children together. Shealen Uaiwa is still pursuing a divorce from Penn, but she is now legally free. Shealen Uaiwa’s lawsuit has also landed Penn in hot water.

Shealen Uaiwa is a model and a former boxer. She is also linked to MMA star B.J. Penn. The two have been together for nearly a decade and have two daughters together. Shealen’s ex-husband Sean Penn also lives on Maui, where they met. The couple has two children together – twins named Isaiah & Ayden.

Shealen Uaiwa filed against B.J. a restraining orders to protect her children. Penn in Hawaii Family Court. Uaiwa claims that Penn has abused her over a decade of their relationship. The temporary restraining order, which she filed on October 8, 2018, bans Penn from seeing her future fiancee but allows him supervised visits with the children.

The restraining order was issued by the Hawaii Family Court last October. It was extended in February of this year. Penn is due to face Clay Guida at UFC 237, which could mark Penn’s retirement from the sport. The MMA fight, scheduled for May 11 in Curitiba, Brazil, also features Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas. While the MMA fight will headline the restraining order, Penn’s alleged domestic abuser has been working for the UFC for over a decade.

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