She Is Having A Sandwich In French

She is Having a Sandwich in French

The sandwich has become a worldwide culinary icon. This simple combination of bread and meat or cheese can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Sandwich making may appear straightforward enough, but it’s actually quite an art form. That’s because sandwiches must be made freshly to order with all of the right ingredients arriving at precisely the right moment – leading to an endless quest for the perfect new combination.

Who Invented the Sandwich?

Legend has it that Englishman John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich – a political scion and military man – ordered a special meal during 24 hours of gambling to sustain himself. Legend has it he asked for slices of beef between two pieces of toast! Since then, this culinary invention has become a staple of British cuisine and can now be found around the world.

First, the technique:

While it is technically possible to make a sandwich out of just one slice of bread, doing so would be impractical. A more suitable solution is using buns which can be cut into an array of shapes and sizes.

There are some unique ways to make a bun-shaped sandwich, such as cutting the dough into triangles and rolling it like a burrito or using a cookie cutter for circular or oval loaves.

However, such a sandwich may not be ideal as the filling will be sopped up by the bun. To guarantee an enjoyable and satisfying sandwich, purchase fresh rolls from your local bakery and keep them warm until you are ready to eat them.

In addition to the classic sandwich bun, there are other bread-based snacks and meals. Crostinis, made from cut rye or cornbread, and croissants (similar to baguettes but made with yeast-leavened soft dough that’s rolled and baked), can all be found.

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