Sesame Street Queen Of 6

Issa Rae to Be the Queen of Six on Sesame Street

Issa Rae will make her Sesame Street debut as Queen Elmo who needs help collecting bricks to construct a castle for her Muppet princess daughter. Elmo, Rosita and Cookie Monster among other human neighbors will rally to assist.

Jim Henson’s stop motion “Queen of Six” is an animated short that depicts life under the rule of Queen, where everything exists in terms of 6. It stands in stark contrast to his earlier film with its jazz drumming and comedic humor; instead it takes on more of a fairy tale atmosphere with kittens and flowers as its monarch instead of frogs as its focal points.

Megan Piphus Peace made history when she became the first Black female puppeteer ever cast as 6-year-old Gabrielle on Sesame Street, voiced by Issa Rae. Her first episode premiered in 2021.

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