Selma Diamond Net Worth

Diamond was also an author and musician, founding alternative metal band Salty the Pocketknife in 1998. In 2009, he published Behind the Bell: Unfair Recollections of Saved by the Bell Cast and crew Members.

As Samuel “Screech” Powers from Saved by the Bell and its spinoff series Good Morning Miss Bliss/Saved by the Bell: The College Years, he became well known.

Early Life and Education

Selma Diamond first found fame playing the diminutive and fiery court bailiff on Night Court, but began her writing career before making the leap into TV writing. A graduate of New York University, she published cartoons and humor pieces in New Yorker magazine before transitioning into writing for TV shows.

She was known to her close acquaintances as both gentle and thoughtful despite her tough demeanor, taking pride in the fact that her grandmother had been an early suffragette.

Did she smoke cigarettes or use drugs? Yes. Did she chain smoke? Yes. In 1985 she died of lung cancer at 64 years old. To cast your vote click “HOT” if you think she was attractive; or click “NOT”.

Professional Career

Diamond was born in London, Ontario and moved to Brooklyn, New York where she began writing radio scripts. She is widely recognized as having inspired Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows character of Sally Rogers while writing also for Perry Como and Rudy Vallee. Diamond credits her grandmother – an early feminist activist – with providing much of her wit and determination.

Diamond was best known for her role as Court Bailiff on Night Court for two seasons before it was replaced with its spinoff Saved by the Bell, airing for another 82 episodes.

Diamond published her controversial book titled “Behind the Bell,” alleging that many of her castmates on “Saved by the Bell” were sexual slaves, and claimed Mark-Paul Gosselaar had sexual encounters with his stunt double on set.

Personal Life

Selma Diamond was born August 5, 1920 and died May 13, 1985. She was an internationally-acclaimed Canadian-American comedic actress, radio and television writer, best known for her high-range raspy voice and portrayal of Selma Hacker on NBC’s Night Court television show.

Before being best known as the bailiff of Night Court on TV, Diamond was an accomplished writer for radio and television programs such as You Bet Your Life and Ozzie and Harriet in the 1940s. Additionally, she contributed stories to The New Yorker magazine.

Diamond made her television debut in the early 1950s, appearing on sitcoms such as Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. Additionally, she contributed writing work to famous comedians Jimmy Durante and Groucho Marx.

Net Worth

Selma Diamond, best known as Selma Hacker on Night Court television show, began her comedy writing career early. She wrote for radio shows such as You Bet Your Life and Ozzie and Harriet Adventures as well as television shows like Jack Paar and Tonight Show, drawing inspiration for her dry acerbic humor from her grandmother who was an active suffragette.

Do you think Selma Diamond took drugs? Click “HOT” or “NOT HOT” depending on your opinion; she passed away 39 years ago on May 13th 1985 and her net worth stands at an estimated $3 Million; this salary comprised both acting work and screenwriting work over her 60 year career span.

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