Selma Blair And Jason Schwartzman

Selma Blair and Jason Schwartzman

Selma Blair has been known for her diverse and complex roles in independent movies. She has been seen in films such as Kath & Kim, Kill Me Later, and Columbus Circle. But she’s also known for her dark and complex roles in Hellboy, The Killing Gene, and Feast of Love.

While she’s become famous for her roles, Blair has also experienced heartbreak in her romantic life. During her early aughts, she dated Rushmore actor Jason Schwartzman. They split after a year of dating.

In her early aughts, Blair met with director James Toback, who told her that he would be her mentor and that she needed to prove her trust by taking her clothes off. However, when Blair began working with Toback, she discovered that he was secretive and manipulative. When Blair tried to meet with him, he arranged for her to be put in a hotel room. He later demanded that she take her clothes off.

As a result of the abuse, Blair remained mute for years. When she was finally able to come out, she was emotionally abused by a man who physically abused her. After the incident, she went to rehab. However, she later began dating music magnate David Foster. Eventually, her father’s girlfriend accused Blair of being a violent heroin user.

Several years later, Blair and David Foster dissolved their relationship. It wasn’t until she had given birth to her son Arthur in 2011, that she learned that she had multiple sclerosis. This condition affects the central nervous system and damages other nerves.

Despite her health issues, Blair still continues to work on her acting career. Since she announced her diagnosis in October, she has appeared in several film roles including “Kath & Kim,” “Legally Blonde,” and “Feast of Love.” Currently, she’s starring in the movie “I Am Love.”

Blair is the daughter of a lawyer and a judge. Her mother worked as a worker’s compensation magistrate in Detroit. However, her father had no formal education. Blair did attend Kalamazoo College and later earned degrees in English and psychology.

During her college years, Blair suffered from numerous sexual assaults. One of them occurred during a spring break trip to Florida. Other sexual attacks came while she was trying to land an acting job. For a long time, she didn’t speak to her father.

During the teen entertainment boom of the late Nineties, Blair was one of a number of talented young stars who played perfect sixteen-year-olds. Her career did not start off well. Initially, her chemistry with a then-girlfriend, Elle Woods, was short-lived.

During her late aughts, Blair dated several men. Although she did have an affair with music producer Ahmet Zappa, they broke up. Likewise, she dated Jason Schwartzman.

Blair’s career flourished during the late aughts, though she has suffered from heartbreak in her love life. She and her husband Ahmed Zappa divorced in 2006. On the other hand, she and Ron Carlson have been together for a while. Though they split in January 2018, they have recently rekindled their romance.

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