Selena Quintanilla Plastic Surgery

Selena Quintanilla and Plastic Surgery

Selena Quintanilla left behind an immense legacy when she passed at 23 in 1995, leaving an immeasurable legacy for both her family and fans of Tejano music alike. She became the first female Latin star ever to win a Grammy award for Best Mexican/American album and contributed immensely towards popularizing Tejano music worldwide with over 30 million albums sold globally.

Though Selena left this world so early, her timeless beauty remains revered by millions of fans around the globe. Selena was beloved singer known for her flawless skin, long wavy hair, and bold red lipstick signature which became her brand’s trademark. However, her flawless body may have come about through cosmetic surgery efforts; some suggest this was probably true.

Rumors swirled that this stunning singer underwent extensive liposuction to slim her stomach and thighs before her death; however, her family denied these claims. Still, cosmetic improvements were an obvious necessity among glamorous stars during the 1990s; looking at before/after photos suggests Botox injections, lip fillers, or butt implants may have been administered as cosmetic improvements.

reports indicated that she may have undergone cosmetic surgeries on her nose, chin and breasts in the past, though these rumors were never confirmed either way. Some have attempted to use pictures of her with crutches as evidence that she received lipo surgery; in reality though she was on crutches because she broke her ankle after having surgery and needed support while recovering.

Selena was heavily influenced by Beyonce Knowles early in her career, specifically her unwavering confidence and desire to emulate it; so at 13, Selena underwent her first nose job and her chin was also altered into more feminine proportions.

Selena was known for her energetic live performances and eye-catching outfits while still exuding femininity and class. A huge dancer, Selena would often incorporate dancing into her live shows and became one of Latin pop’s iconic figures with 1994 debut album Between a Rock and a Hard Place spending eight months at number one on Billboard Regional Hispanic chart.

Selena was an incredible talent who put in hard work to reach her musical goals in the music industry. Her efforts paid off when she won multiple awards and rose to the top of Billboard charts. Unfortunately, her life was cut short due to Yolanda Saldvar’s murder in 1995; but her legacy will live on through music forever. A biographical series called Selena: The Series recently debuted on Netflix which has garnered new followers – her story deserves to be told.

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