Secret Handshakes For Couples

Secret Handshakes For Couples

Handshakes are a classic form of greeting, making their presence known quickly and simply. From showing kindness or showing appreciation, to signaling that someone likes us – handshakes have long been used as part of greeting rituals, yet recently secret handshakes have gained in popularity among couples as a fun way to communicate their special bond.

Secret handshakes involve placing fingers, thumbs or palms in specific positions to convey membership of a club (fraternal orders, fraternities, secret societies, friends and athletic teams among them). Additional elements may be added such as noises, body movement or even dancing-off sequences for added effect.

Modern society is home to numerous complex handshakes that middle school kids often engage in at recess or lunch, and couples even often practice elaborate handshake rituals as a sign of affection between each other.

Aaron and Nic, dancers with Canadian dance company Run The Flex, recently made headlines for their amusing routine on TikTok with over 2.8 million views showcasing intricate, synchronized handshakes at the altar – “Because no wedding would be complete without one!” they wrote as caption for their video clip.

Masonic handshakes are another classic example of secret handshakes that subtly reveal who belongs. At least 12 universal secret handshakes have been implemented by Freemasons to subtly indicate who holds what rank; apprentices shake hands with masters using different handshakes with distinct touches to the knuckles.

Secret handshakes can be an informal yet lighthearted way of showing how close two people are or simply adding some flair to a business meeting – they provide an easy, effective and simple way for both sides to connect with each other and maintain relationships. For virtual settings, it is advisable to demonstrate the move on yourself first so you can teach it to your audience. This activity works particularly well after an icebreaker activity or when building rapport and trust between participants. Break your group into breakout rooms and give them some time to devise their own 2-3 part “secret handshake”, practicing it together before returning back into the main session. Have volunteers share these handshakes, then highlight pairs that stand out. It is an engaging way of creating team spirit while keeping energy high during an otherwise dull meeting!

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