Sara Rose Lipert

Sara Rose Lipert

Sara Rose Lipert is a married model and photographer. A former Miss Supercross, she has previously posed for famous photographers and magazines. Lipert is currently not active in modeling. Tre Cool is her husband. The couple shared photos from their wedding day via social media.

Lipert, who also owns a motorcycle, likes to go on bike rides. She has been riding motorbikes since she was a child and has competed in several competitions. She regularly attends dirt bike races with her husband. Sara Rose Lipert enjoys taking photos at music concerts and bands. She hopes to capture emotion, rawness, and a sense community through the photos she takes. She uses a Sony RX10 camera for her photos, but she also uses a Leica Q to capture larger venues.

Tre Cool’s stepmom Sara Rose Lipert is also Sara Rose Lipert. She is the stepmother of his first child, Frankito, and his second son, Mickey Otis Wright. She is close to her children and treats them as her own. Sara Rose Lipert resides with her husband and son. She enjoys photography, and is eager to learn more about Mickey Otis Wright.

After a single relationship with another musician, Sara Rose Lipert was married to Tre Cool in 2013. The couple have two children together, but they have not yet revealed where they will honeymoon. Sara Rose is 37 and Tre Cool is 49. They have been dating since 2013 and have been married for nine years.

Sara Rose Wright is an American family member. She was born on March 6, 1985. She is currently married to Tre Cool. She has previously been married to Lisea Lyons and Claudia Wright. Sara Rose Wright’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Her ruling planet is Neptune, and her Chinese zodiac animals are the Ox.

Tre Cool’s drummer, Green day’s Sara Rose Lipert is Sara Rose Lipert’s wife. They have been married since late 2014. They can often be seen together at Tre Cool’s public events and on Tre Cool’s social media accounts. She also appears in many of his videos and songs. She is also frequently featured in interviews and photos.

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