Ronald Hearns

Ronald Hearns – American Boxer

American professional boxer Ronald Hearns. He is the son Thomas Hearns who was a well-known boxing trainer and former heavyweight champion. Born in New York, he fought professionally from 1993 to 2006.

Thomas Hearns was Hearns’ father and a former six-time champion in world boxing. He and his mother split up when Ronald was five. They made child support payments, but the couple saw little of each other until Ronald was 18 years old. Unlike his father, Thomas Hearns doesn’t advertise his father’s name. His father didn’t even know his son’s last name until the summer recruiting visit.

After losing to Hagler in 2007, he reunited with his father for a documentary about his career. They fought for eight minutes, in three rounds. After the fight, Hearns’ trainer revealed that he had a hand injury. Hagler continued to fight and was unbeaten. In 2016, he was honored as the Chicago Defender’s Men of Excellence. His community development work has created many new opportunities for youth.

Ronald Hearn was not a successful person, but he had humble beginnings. He shared a special bond with his children, especially his twin brother Donald. Besides his children, Ronald enjoyed raising his kids and working on autos. He believed in God. He entered eternal rest on April 29, 2022. He was preceded in death by his siblings and parents. He was preceded in death by his brother Arthur Hearn, and his nephew Kevin Hearn.

The boxer began training in Detroit as a teenager and was awarded honorable mention for 1997’s city championship. Thomas Hearns discouraged his 14-year-old son from taking up boxing, but he persevered until he won his first world title. He fought for three other world titles. Ronald Hearns was a middleweight fighter during college. This made him an all-around athlete.

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