Roman Ozimkova

Roman Ozimkova and Her Family

Russian businesswoman, Roman Ozimkova, is known for her wealth and beauty. She is the daughter and a student at Moscow State University. Her possessions include luxury cars, brand things, and decorative items. She loves taking photos in front cars. Her favorite cars are Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover. Roman Ozimkova, despite her wealth, isn’t often photographed in special Kichlyness.

Rostislav Bagirov, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, is the wife of the businesswoman. Their love story began when she turned seventeen. The pair met at a nightclub and got married. Rostislav took care of Diana after they were married. Rostislav is a fan of boxing and is friends with Sergey Badyuk. They met in college and got married shortly afterward. They have been together almost seven years.

The couple also have two daughters. Christina is a diplomuar at Zhurfak MSU and is a practiker and a redaksine in russian. Her mother, a former model, is a mode ruse expert. Arkady Abramowicz is Arkady’s son and a yasindaki-model. Both have their own Instagram accounts and are very active on the site.

Diana, the second daughter, is married to a businessman. She lives in a house in Moscow with her partner. Both of their children are close friends. She is also engaged to Ziyad Manasir. As the daughter of an entrepreneur, she is very talented and has a good body. This is why she has such a high social media presence. To learn more about her, you can visit her Instagram page.

Diana Manasir is the daughter of another niode. Rostik Bagirov, her husband, was the one who married her in Barviha. Diana’s festive attire was a strict suits-triple. They may try on a more luxurious wedding gown later. Their love story started when Diana was just 17 years old. Her beloved oligarch proposed to her.

Christina Ozimkova is a 22-year-old brunette. She has a background as a vogue redaction specialist and was once involved in School of Glory Zaitsev. She describes herself as a model for the press and only occasionally participates in her friends’ parties. Unlike Roman Ozimkova, she is not a full-time performer, but her music and videos have helped her get noticed in the Russian music scene.

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