Roccstar Net Worth 2021

Rapper RoccStar Net Worth 2021

Music producer roccstar is an American rap musician, producer, and composer known for writing and producing many hit songs for musicians such as Chris Brown, Post Malone, Usher as well as contributing his song Rude which appeared in Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Additionally he founded RoccAge Entertainment.

His flourishing music career has enabled him to amass an impressive wealth. He has written and produced songs for several artists whose albums have generated incredible revenue streams. Furthermore, he holds several endorsement deals.

He owns an impressive automobile collection including Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Ferraris. Additionally, he serves as president of Valiant Eagle, an entertainment management firm that handles entertainment for cutting-edge media outlets.

Outside his music career, Syhre Leon has also made appearances on various reality television shows. He once appeared as part of the cast for Basketball Wives. Syhre and Angel Brinks share one son named Syhre Leon; Angel Brinks had two other children from her previous marriages as well.

RoccStar’s interests extend far beyond music; his Angel Brinks Fashion clothing offers leggings, lingerie, dresses, denim and jackets among many others. Additionally, he owns his own retail store as well as running his own trucking service.

Roccstar was nominated for two Grammy awards this year – in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category, for his work on Chris Brown’s X album and in Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack respectively. Roccstar has written songs for Jennifer Lopez, Post Malone, and other popular musicians; as well as founding RoccAge Entertainment record label and working alongside Maya Angelou to bring her poems into musical form.

Leon Youngblood Jr, commonly known by his stage name RoccStar is an American rapper and music producer with an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million. He has collaborated with numerous musicians over time and is most well known for Rude which appeared in Fifty Shades of Grey; other hits of his include Fine China, Clueless, We Made It as well as an abundance of followers on Instagram (121k) as well as owning his own production studio. RoccStar also shares an intimate relationship with Angel Brinks who is both an entrepreneur and fashion designer with her own line of clothing retail store and fashion show as well as being part of Trucking Biz.

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