Robin Quivers House

Robin Quivers Is Always on the Go

The staten Island home that Robin Quivers sold last November has sold for $2.4 million. Quivers moved into a 1,486-square foot condo at 200 West End Avenue in Quivers’ Costas Kondylis-designed home. The purchase was financed by a $1.9million mortgage. The property features a nine-foot ceiling, and a wine refrigerator. She also owned a home she bought in Loveladies in New Jersey for $2,775,000 on October 2005.

Robin Quivers became vegan in June 2007. She claimed that she felt more energetic and lost more than 60 pounds in six short months. Her story was published in a book, originally due to be out March 2013. However, it was delayed until October. Quivers’ home features a hot tub, pool and boat dock. It also has seven bedrooms. Although the home appears immaculate, it is busy and full of activity. Robin Quivers is a busy woman and seems to be always on the move.

Robin Quivers is a radio personality, actress, and news anchor. Howard Stern and Robin Quivers first met on the radio station DC101 in 1981. They then began broadcasting the Howard Stern Show via satellite radio in 2006. In May 2008, Robin Quivers and Howard bought a luxury condo in Manhattan’s Upper West Side for $2,425,000. The unit includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a resident’s lounge. There is also valet parking.

This home was designed with entertaining in mind. The main living area opens to a spacious elevated veranda. It also features a swimming pool with a boomerang-shaped edge and generous sunbathing areas. The upper level has a large deck that cantilevers above a bulk-headed canal. A separate floating dock allows for plenty of room for kayaks and runabout boats. Robin Quivers’ main focus is on this home’s private dock.

In 2008, she purchased the Long Island, New York-based upscale townhouse for $3.389 million. She also owns a yacht that is white and luxurious. She is also an avid car enthusiast, having participated in a Toyota Pro Celebrity race in 2007 in which she finished last. She owns a 2004 C5 as well as a Chevrolet Corvette Z206. Howard Quivers, her late husband, gave her a Mercedes Benz.

The second highest paid staff on the show is Robin Quivers. She earns $10 million per year and $612,500 per month. Quivers’ net worth amounts to $45 million. Robin Quivers was a US Air Force pilot from 1975 to 1979. She rose to the rank of captain. She currently owns two houses in New Jersey, and one in New York. She has also donated more than $50,000 to two nonprofits that promote healthy eating.

Quivers’ house in New Jersey is a popular spot for celebrities. She is also a popular author and hosts her own radio program. Her most recent book, The Shock Trauma is a memoir about her time in the military. She has also appeared in several movies and television series. Quivers is a very active person in her community, and has contributed to many charity organizations. There are many charities that are run in her name, including the Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, and The Howard Stern Show.

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