Rick Roll Birthday Card

Funny Rickroll Birthday Cards

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Raise some laughs with this hilarious prank card! Featuring a QR code leading directly to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up music video, your friends will likely shriek with delight when they discover it!

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Show your partner that you won’t let them down this Valentine’s Day with this humorous card featuring Rick Astley’s famous tune non-stop until its battery dies! There is even glitter inside for added surprise when tearing it open!

Fortnite now allows players to Rickroll their Friends – The Verge

In an amusing twist on a popular meme, Fortnite now allows you to Rickroll your friends in an unforgettable manner–by sending a card featuring part of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The new emote can be found in its latest update…

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