Rhett Mclaughlin Red Carpet

Meet Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal on the Red Carpet

The Mythical Society, launched through Patreon (a creator-branded membership platform allowing individuals to build subscriptions), will give fans exclusive content as well as the opportunity to meet Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal face-to-face.

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are the creators of Good Mythical Morning, a daily YouTube talk show with over 12 million subscribers on YouTube. Renowned for its brainy trivia, intriguing experiments, and hilarious banter; in addition to this online talk show they have built up a multi-faceted brand which includes podcasts and merchandise as well as their feature film “Bleak Creek.”

Since they met in first grade, this pair have been best friends, sharing an insatiable curiosity for life’s difficult questions like: “what is the best pickle-flavored snack” and “where did this bacon dish originate.”

As children, Link and Rhett were very fond of drawing and making movies together. Their first project together was an Oedipus the King parody short movie featuring Link as servant to Rhett as father king;[1]

After graduating high school, they went on to North Carolina State University where they roomed together and studied civil engineering.[2] In between classes, the pair would drive around listening to Merle Haggard music for hours on end while debating over lyrics while singing along in their cars. Eventually landing jobs working at Black and Veatch as civil engineers[3], but ultimately left to pursue their dreams of becoming full-time entertainers.

Rhett and Link’s passion for videos has brought them great success, winning them several Streamy Awards. Due to their virality, celebrity guests like Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Hader have frequently made guest appearances. Recently they signed with WME to manage both Mythical Entertainment brand management as well as production studio.

Though they have achieved incredible success, the duo remain humble about their origins from Bleak Creek in rural North Carolina. On a recent visit, they filmed a video showcasing some of their fondest childhood memories.

They shared an inspirational tale about an incredible local who helped save their dog from drowning, while speaking highly of all those living there. Both women expressed immense appreciation for all the help and kindness shown them, with hopes that their video may encourage people to be kind toward one another.

Rhett and Link share an unbreakable bond, as evidenced by various videos featuring them together, from getting the hiccups together to being shot with nerf guns! Furthermore, both are extremely close with their families as evidenced by how they interact both between themselves as well as with each other and with their children.

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