Reset Exergen Temporal Scanner

How to Reset Exergen Temporal Scanner

Reset Exergen Temporal Scanner

Pressing the reset button on the front of your TemporalScanner allows you to restart a fresh scan. Press and hold until you hear either a beep or see flashing light indicators. Your thermometer will then begin another new scan and display its temperature once more.

Why does my Reset Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer read lower than expected?

Low readings often stem from a dirty or smudgy lens. To clean it, use either a Q-tip or cotton tipped stick applicator with some mild solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Finally, be sure to clean the back of the sensor (where it touches your forehead) using this same solution.

Sweat can lower the temperature of your skin, leading to a low reading. However, due to how temporal scanners measure arterial temperatures, they will detect this drop quickly – much faster than what a rectal thermometer can pick up on.

The Arterial Heat Balance method utilizes ambient room temperatures to mathematically compensate for any temperature loss due to cooling at the skin, providing an accurate arterial body temperature reading. Clinical studies have confirmed this method’s precision compared with more invasive measurement methods.

How Accurate is a TemporalScanner?

A TemporalScanner is an non-invasive, painless way to measure the core temperature of your body. Unlike rectal thermometers that take 60-90 minutes to detect changes in temperature, the TemporalScanner detects them immediately and provides an accurate arterial temperature in less than one second.

How Do You Calibrate a TemporalScanner?

With two models of TemporalScanner available: the standard model calibrated to provide true core temperature readings and one that has been recalibrated to display oral equivalent temperatures.

Do I Need to Calibrate a TemporalScanner?

A TemporalScanner can be calibrated by performing an ice bath test. After the bath, the device should be able to provide temperatures within its manufacturer’s specified range. In fact, many popular brands undergo factory calibration prior to shipping out.

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