Reese Mule Sale 2022

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Reese Mule Sale 2022

Mule Sale 2022

The Reese Brothers have been in the mule business for over a century. Their expertise cannot be rivaled when selecting an ideal mule for show, trail or just everyday riding pleasure.

Their love for these animals has spurred them to take action and advocate for the preservation of mules around the world. Thanks to Katie Wetteland and her beloved mule Mjolnir, a USHJA rule change recently allowed mules to compete in jumper classes – an accomplishment made possible due to their advocacy.

On June 12-14 in Winnemucca, Nevada, there will be a Donkey and Mule Competition and Exhibition. Mages possess many admirable qualities but their greatest attraction lies in their incredible abilities as animals – they’re sturdy, powerful and can go almost anywhere that horses can.

That is why dogs make such wonderful companions for those who are ill or require an extra set of hands. Their versatility truly is a blessing in our society today.

Donkeys are an invaluable asset in many developing countries, where they’re essential for farming and transportation. Without them, there would be no way to help impoverished people in those regions.

They are also the source of ejiao, a popular Chinese medicine made from donkey skins that has been banned in several countries. Despite thousands of petition signatures and efforts by humane organizations to stop its production and sale on the web, ejiao continues to be manufactured and sold online.

Amy McLean and Ron King have taken a proactive approach to protecting donkeys by founding Oscar’s Place in Hopland, California – where they provide sanctuary and veterinary care. By taking such action they hope to protect this invaluable resource for future generations.

Their work is founded on the notion that if we can give these animals their fair share of resources and care, they will live happier and healthier lives – thus making their contributions to society all the more significant.

Their dedication to protecting mules and donkeys has earned them a place of honor in the hearts of many, including their son Ranger IV. As the Army Navy mascot, Ranger and his half-brother Stryker make for an exciting addition to any gameday crowd – they also serve as reminders that donkeys are an integral part of our culture and deserve more than a casual glance at their hides.

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