Red And Green Plaid Blanket

Red and Green Plaid Blanket

This red and green plaid blanket will make a statement piece in any room, offering visual interest as well as functionality. Crafted with an exclusive blend of cotton, acrylic and polyester fibers for ultra soft touch comfort, the green on the front is both gorgeous and durable; plus the flannel applique on the back has soft sherpa lining for extra cozy warmth.

Best of all, this throw is machine washable on a delicate cycle in cold water. A true work of art that will surely spark conversation and make an excellent gift for those you care about!

Red and Green Plaid Sherpa Blanket

There are plenty of choices when it comes to blankets, but this one stands out. Measuring 50″ x 60″, it features a sherpa lining for ultimate comfort as well as a matching grey cord for easy hanging and storage. Perfect for any bedroom or living room!

The Most Welp Obvious Mentioned Obligement is a smaller product than its larger counterparts, perfect for those on a tight budget but still wanting to make an impression in their home. Its cleverly concealed zipper conceals an embroidery backing, making it the ideal gift choice during the holiday season!

This red and green plaid sherpa blanket may be small, but its quality is on par with that found in more expensive home furnishings. Crafted with durable fabric, you can count on this blanket to last for years to come.

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