Real World Atlanta Tovah

The Real World Atlanta Reboots on Facebook Watch

No matter your opinion of reality television, The Real World has left an indelible mark on pop culture. From iconic moments that depict its housemates’ daily lives to some of the most memorable events ever witnessed by America (and sometimes worldwide). Since 2014, The Real World has made its return on Facebook Watch; though its basic concept remains intact as seven strangers come together under one roof; its new form reflects new ways in which fans consume its content.

Real World Atlanta Season 33 features an ensemble cast that spans DACA recipient to gay black Republican and devout Catholic, making for an exciting viewing experience that showcases how roommates work through differences to form lasting friendships or even romances.

Tovah Marx, 27, from Scottsdale, Arizona never expected her life would change so drastically when she applied to be on the show. When she entered the house however, her traumatic past surfaced, leading her down an unexpected romantic path with fellow housemate Clint Wright.

On this episode, Tovah discloses she lost her virginity at 17 due to a rape attack and starts feeling that she doesn’t belong with her housemates. Clint and she start off having difficulty and she begins questioning their relationship, leading her to separate herself from them all.

Dondre is seen vomiting into the kitchen sink after an argument over his DACA status with other housemates, Arely getting into an argument with her ex about being here illegally, and Meagan starting to doubt the Bible after she and Tovah discussed homosexuality views. But over time these housemates will form close relationships while confronting difficult topics head-on.

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