Real Ease Neck Support

The Original Doctor Ritter’s Real Ease Neck Support

Non-toxic and patented neck support designed to induce deep relaxation quickly is available now. Cradling the neck at its base of skull, this support takes weight off shoulders and neck muscles so they can relax completely, relieving tension, pain and helping heal injuries quickly. Safe, easy, inexpensive – many chiropractors and massage therapists recommend this product to their patients for home treatment themselves.

Encourages the natural “C” curve of the upper cervical spine which assists with unlocking locked up anterior neck muscles, freeing overstretched and fatigued posterior neck and shoulder muscles to take over for over stretched and fatigued anterior ones, relieving pain, restoring proper posture, and relieving tension at the base of skull (eg knotted muscles), poor sleep, shoulder tension or TMJ syndrome. Results can often be felt within 30 seconds after using this device; results can even be felt instantly! It works wonders for people suffering from headaches, cervical syndrome, tension at base of skull (eg knotted muscles), poor sleep quality, shoulder tension or TMJ syndrome as it works wonders at relieving all symptoms!

This product is easy and safe for regular use of up to 20 minutes at a time, several times daily without causing harmful side effects. Start slowly until you find what length works for you!

People who spend much of their lives sitting in uncomfortable chairs or seats will benefit immensely from this neck support. It is particularly useful for car, truck and airplane passengers; additionally it helps those sleeping on chairs without adequate back or neck support.

Safety and ease of use make the original doctor Ritter’s Real Ease developed by professional massage therapist, easy to clean and machine washed with mild detergent for use on any surface, making this ideal for travel use or use anywhere a bed is suitable. A comprehensive instruction manual comes included. The device was originally patented by Ritter himself – its soft material has a gentle feel against your skin while making cleaning simple; machine washed cold water is best and air drying should finish off this experience nicely!

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