Rami Reddy Net Worth

Rami Reddy is a multi-millionaire who owns multiple businesses in Hyderabad and belongs to the Indian National Congress.

Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy, the founder of Ramky Group and second richest Rajya Sabha MP in India with assets estimated at Rs 2,577 crore, holds assets totalling to an estimated total of approximately Rs 2.5777 crore.

Early Life and Education

Gangasani Rami Reddy was born January 1 in 1959 near Chittoor district and graduated with his B.C.J from Osmania University Andhra Pradesh. Known for playing villain and character roles in many Telugu films as both villain and character artist roles; as a director and producer. Reddy became well-known for delivering dialogues in typical Telugana slang dialogues during films like Osey Ramulamma, Peddarikam, Ammoru and Gaayam among many others.

At over Rs 2,376 crore in movable and immovable assets, he ranks second-richest among Rajya Sabha MPs in India. His business empire covers waste management, infrastructure and healthcare services. Residing in Hyderabad with three children of his own and serving as Chairman of Gayatri Group of Industries.

Professional Career

Gangasani Rami Reddy was an Indian actor known for appearing in numerous Telugu cinema films as an actor, director, producer, writer, director and comedian. His comic timing earned him popularity with audiences. Reddy gained widespread notoriety for his iconic dialogue “spot pedatha” from Ankusam movie which contained typical Telangana dialect words.

He is the chairman of Gayatri Group of Industries and an estimated multimillionaire, living on an 0.8-hectare estate in Hyderabad that features luxurious furniture and vibrant hues.

Entrepreneurially-inclined, he owns significant stakes in several companies including Ramky Estates and Farms Ltd, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd, Hetero Drugs as well as significant deposits with banks totaling Rs 359 crore in assets. In 2024 Lok Sabha elections he will compete from Chevella under YSR Congress Party ticket.

Achievement and Honors

Madhu Rami Reddy draws upon her experience dealing with COVID-19 to attack Ebola as another deadly pathogen.

Rami Reddy is an Indian film actor best known for his roles as character actor, villain and comedian in Telugu cinema as well as other southern Indian languages such as Osai Ramulamma and Anaganaga Oka Roju films. He has appeared in over 25 of them.

At Chevella constituency in 2024 election on YSRCP ticket, he was elected as member of Rajya Sabha with an estimated total assets worth Rs 2,3776 crore including both immovable and movable properties worth 2,3776 crore and large shares in several companies such as Ramky Estates & Farms, Enviro Engineers and Infrastructure. A dedicated philanthropist he established Alla Foundation to assist youth from underprivileged background.

Personal Life

Gangasani Rami Reddy, known for his roles as villains in Telugu films such as Ankusam and Osey Ramulamma, died at a hospital in Hyderabad on Thursday at 52. The actor had been suffering from kidney ailment; comedian Brahmanandam described his passing as a great blow to film industry.

Andhra Pradesh State’s top richest people include Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of former Chief Minister YSR Rajasekhara Reddy. In recent years, his wealth has skyrocketed. Also making headlines are Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy from Ramky Group who amassed wealth through commodity businesses such as spices, wax, jumbo bags and polymers and experienced an incredible turnaround since 2009.

Net Worth

Gangasani Rami Reddy was an iconic villain of Telugu cinema, known for his unique dialogue using native Telangana dialect. Additionally he excelled as both director and producer; serving as journalist at Munsif Daily before entering filmmaking as an Osmania University graduate with his Bachelor’s of Cinema Journalism (BCJ) degree before appearing in movies such as Ankusam Gunda Jeevan Yudh Anaganaga Oka Roju.

Seven YSRCP Rajya Sabha members own assets worth Rs 5596 crore – more than any political party in India. Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy ranks second-richest among Rajya Sabha MPs with Rs 2577 crore assets; Dr Bandi Partha Saradhi from Telangana has the most at Rs 5300 crore assets. Rami Reddy declared liabilities worth Rs 154 crore.

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