Rachel Zoe Throw Pillows

How to Craft a Rachel Zoe Throw Pillowscape

Throw pillows are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to instantly transform any space. From sofas and bedrooms, throws are great way to inject life and character into any area – perfect for adding new dimensions in interior design projects like the latter! Play around with materials, shapes, sizes and colors until you create an eye-catching pillowscape – many come equipped with removable covers making switching up looks seasonally or whenever desired a breeze!

Here are some of the finest Rachel Zoe throw pillows you should shop for your home, from luxurious faux furs to chic sequins.

Selecting an ideal throw pillow material is key. While cotton may be economical and widely-used, its flat surface may become uncomfortable over time when sitting or sleeping on it for extended periods. To improve this experience, select cotton fabric with linen-like textures or soft sateen finishes; this will add visual weight that helps promote relaxation during sleep.

Velvet throw pillows are an increasingly popular choice. Their luxurious soft texture provides instant luxe vibes while pairing well with both casual and modern styles. If you love velvet, try pairing it with silk or linen fabrics for an elegant combination.

Don’t be scared of color! A splash of vibrant hues can instantly inject life and energy into any room, providing it is balanced out with neutral or subdued decor elements to prevent an explosion of bolder accents taking over.

Playing around with pillow shapes and sizes is an enjoyable way to add interest and depth to your decor. Mix and match various forms for an engaging display, or opt for just one shape and use various sizes of it in different arrangements to add depth.

Consistency is also essential when designing your throw pillow spread, from color palettes and patterns to materials. Doing so will make the arrangement appear intentional rather than random. Select a few complementary colors, and make them part of your overall palette for effortless style.

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