Queen Elizabeth T Shirt

Queen Elizabeth II Men’s T Shirt

Iconic British designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren created the iconic “God Save the Queen” T-shirt – a white long-sleeve shirt with distressed elements featuring an eye-catching graphic of Queen Elizabeth II with a safety pin in her face as well as lyrics from Sex Pistols song lyrics – in 1977 (Fig 8). This iconic shirt symbolized early British Punk style; reflecting its central idea that fashion should express oneself through self-expressive clothing that subverted conventional beauty standards by subverting conventional beauty standards through unconventional clothing wearers; further, rejecting social class was core to Punk ideology at that time (Fig 8).

The “God Save the Queen” T-shirt was notable for its unconventional depiction of women, which did not conform to traditional ideals of female appearance at that time. On its front is an image depicting a woman with her nipples showing, which was acceptable within Punk subculture at that time (Fig. 9). Westwood herself often donned this shirt herself (and has even designed clothing designed by herself!). Westwood serves as a prime example of how fashion can be used as an effective political weapon by designing clothing that she herself would wear herself!

This Queen Elizabeth T-Shirt makes a fantastic present, especially for dad, husband, brother, boyfriend, son or daughter of Queen Elizabeth! Perfect for Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas celebrations and more; guaranteed to make him laugh while providing great conversation starter!

This shirt is constructed of 100% certified organic cotton and printed in the UK using low waste printing tech in a factory powered by renewable energy, audited for various social and sustainability criteria. Sizes available range from XS-5XL; fabric is soft yet comfortable – machine wash cold then hang to dry!

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