Princess Diana Christmas Ornament

Princess Diana Christmas Ornament

This Princess Diana Christmas ornament is one of the best gifts for anyone with a royal connection. Featuring Princess Diana wearing her famous sheep sweater, this ornament is a must-have for fans of the late Princess of Wales.

Despite her tragic passing, Princess Diana is still a household name around the world, and a new film about her life called Spencer will be released later this year. Directed by Pablo Larrain, the film takes place during a tense three-day Christmas holiday at the Queen’s Sandringham estate late in her ill-fated marriage to Prince Charles.

In the movie, a young girl named Spencer (played by the lovely Olivia Cooke) is taken on a journey of self-discovery, as she learns to accept and understand her own feelings for others. She also discovers a newfound confidence and a sense of purpose that she never before experienced.

The film was a box office hit and has received praise from the public and critics alike, who are eager to see Diana’s tragic story told from another lens. In a statement, the film’s producers say the film “recounts events surrounding the late Princess of Wales and her family.”

Harry and Meghan’s Althorp House has been decked out for Christmas

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have moved into their new home Althorp House in Norfolk. It is a stunning stately home that is well known for its grand architecture and impressive interiors.

Ahead of the holidays, Harry and Meghan took time out from their busy schedules to pay a visit to Althorp House for the first time since moving in. And as you would expect, the place was packed full of Christmas cheer and a lot of purple decorations.

There is even a large portrait of Diana, a favourite of hers and her brother. It hangs in the saloon and is the only one of its kind in the entire house.

The Princess of Wales is a fashion icon and wore many amazing outfits in her lifetime. She even managed to pull off one of the most famous dresses of all time – her white dress she wore to her 1997 wedding to Prince Charles.

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