Prince William In Speedos

A Closer Look at Prince William in Speedos

When most people picture Prince William wearing speedos, they likely imagine him relaxing under the sun during his days as a military pilot or playing polo – however there’s actually been a history of Prince William wearing tight trunks as part of his attire, including when his swimsuit got torn off during an intense game of water polo!

As seen here, the royal was determined to fight back; you can see him squatting down in the water to block shots before swimming toward it to catch it. Although he ultimately lost, he did play hard and sportily; even after losing he gave a compliment to the winner afterward!

Prince William, now Duke of Cambridge, is an adroit polo player and adept swimmer – as evidenced by this photo from a 2007 polo match in Switzerland. In it he’s wearing an almost identical blue and white striped rugby shirt to what he first donned at Trooping the Colour in 1984; they may actually be the same suit that has survived nearly four decades!

This 2005 photo, taken during a charity polo match, shows him looking athletic and sporting a pair of blue trunks – as well as offering us the rare glimpse of King William VIII smiling for once!

Even without Kate Middleton nearby, William can still be seen smiling widely and having fun playing polo despite being left-handed and the game requiring one to use their right hand. William has built up quite an impressive reputation as an accomplished lefty who can make his presence known at any event requiring right-handedness – something no other lefty has done successfully until now.

In 2006, Prince George and Princess Charlotte came along on their family ski trip with Prince Harry and Camilla. All looked extremely cute together – George especially stood out with his adorable face making sure no one forgot it was him and her!

The royals love the beach, and don’t shy away from showing off their stunning bodies on Australian beaches. Prince William stands out in particular, sporting brightly-patterned trunks.

Australian friends set out on Good Friday at Manly beach with an aim of poking fun at the royals by donning Union Jack budgie smugglers as an act of prankery, hoping that Prince Harry might sign them, although this request was declined due to Invictus Games regulations that do not allow him to sign items (except guestbooks ). Still, their persistence paid off as they convinced him to pose for photos wearing their unique trunks – much to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s delight!

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