Prince Charles: The Untold Story James Hewitt

Prince Charles: The Untold Story by Harry Spare

Charles and Diana’s relationship captivated the world for decades after they passed away, even after Harry Spare released his memoir about it. No doubt some key moments from their marriage will also resurface within it as Harry writes his autobiography.

Prince Charles: The Untold Story explores a more complicated portrait of Prince Charles than many might realize. This biography takes readers through his childhood when he would cry with fear at children’s parties and cling to his nanny; Gordonstoun schooldays; Camilla Parker Bowles as Queen Consort relationship and public outrage over Camilla being his choice as wife; as well as finally marrying Camilla after Diana died – only then to officially settle with Camilla later that same year in 2005.

As Charles prepares to become King, he has met with foreign leaders like Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa and Volodymyr Zelensky from Ukraine. Additionally, Charles continues to fulfill his royal responsibilities such as charitable appearances and Trooping of the Colour ceremonies.

This book delves deep into some of the palace drama surrounding Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana and subsequent affair with Captain James Hewitt, an American cavalry officer renowned for his romance with Diana that became public knowledge during 1994 after Anna Pasternak published Princess in Love from their letters exchanged during their ongoing romantic relationship until Hewitt was deployed for service in the Gulf War and their romance ended abruptly.

Hewitt became well-known through his appearances on reality show Hell’s Kitchen and then The Polo House restaurant in Marbella, Spain in 2009. Following this high profile affair rumor he retired from military service and currently works as a gardener for his elderly mother in Devon.

Hewitt has often been perceived by conspiracy theorists to be Harry’s real father; this theory, however, has been disproven by both Hewitt himself and Paul Burrell – the royal butler who worked for Diana and her husband Charles. Paul Burrell himself disproved such claims on multiple occasions while Hewitt repeatedly refuted them by noting that Harry was already born by 1986 when their romantic relationship started.

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