Poplar Glen Llc

Poplar Glen, LLC is a Profit Registered in Tumwater, Washington

Poplar Glen, LLC, is a Profit registered at Tumwater, Washington. The company was formed on 2004-04-30. It is now 18 years-old and is still in operation. The address of the company is 195 Riverbed Dr. Charlottesville, VA 22911. Its industry is 0 – General. If you’re interested in learning more about this business, visit poplar-glen.com.

A business registered with POPLAR GLEN, LLC is not liable for business rates, even if the address is a residential one. Although it is a residential address, the building owner is responsible for business rates, and incorporates them into the office rental charge. If you are considering starting a home-based business, it is possible to avoid this expense by working in a serviced workplace, where the building owner pays business rate.

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