Philippe Pautesta Herder

Philippe Pautesta-Herder

Philippe Pautesta-Herder is a well-known professional in the field of accounting and taxation. After living alone for 10 years, he met the right person and was engaged to her after three years. She is tall and has a good body. Her name is Carolyn Herder, and she holds a very good height. Visit the Wikipedia page to learn more about her.

Philippe Pautesta Herder is a French businessman who recently appeared on The Real Housewives of Miami. He is a supporting role on the show but is married to Marysol. Marysol is a recurring actress as well as a publicist. She is an actor and the face of a new Bravo TV show. She is very attractive and has a great sense of humor.

Philippe Pautesta-Herder is a former reality TV star and former housewife. She married Philippe Pautesta-Herder in season one of The Real Housewives of Miami. After a year of marriage, the couple split. While Marysol’s mother liked Philippe, the couple did not get along and ended their marriage in divorce. It is unclear whether Philippe Pautesta-Herder will ever get back together.

The couple had a brief relationship on the Bravo reality show. Philippe proposed to Marysol on an episode of RHOM. Marysol was overcome with emotion when the ring was so large and beautiful. They were married on top of a mountain in 2010. Philippe and Marysol are not revealing the nature of their relationship. They will likely reunite for the new season. And the show is coming back soon.

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