Pepe Frog Punch

Pepe Frog Punch

Pepe’s Punch Out! is the Alt-Right’s video game. !, and the result has been nothing short of hilarious. You can play the role of Pepe the frog, and choose between punching or non-violent engagement. If you choose the former, you will have to endure three-hour debates, and if you choose the latter, you will end up ethnically cleansing Mario and Luigi.

Pepe Punch is a satirical image that combines the Smug Frog image with a pulled back shot. The image shows Pepe standing back, his hand outstretched. The Pepe Frog Punch first appeared on 4chan in July 2016 when an anonymous user posted it to the /pol/ board. The caption said: “Hello fed department.”

People have used the image as their profile picture on social media. Despite its name, the frog has been associated with racism, sexism and other alt-right edgelords. If you have a Pepe-themed photo, be sure to cover it with a frog mask. Remember: Pepe has been used to make some very offensive memes in the past.

The original Pepe frog was a Chinese-American cartoon character. It was released during the election season of 2016. His popularity has since increased and he has become a cult icon. In fact, he’s been used in a few ads since then. Pepe the Frog has spawned several spinoffs. He also became the face of protest in Hong Kong. His popularity led to the release of a film titled “The Deplorables.”

Pepe’s cartoon became so popular that memes of it circulated on the internet. Pepe fans made edgier versions of the cartoon character, which coincided with Trump’s presidential campaign and the alt-right movement. Eventually, Pepe was placed on the Anti-Defamation League’s list of hate symbols. In response, Hillary Clinton defended Pepe.

In addition to being a popular symbol of white nationalism, Pepe the Frog has also been used for racist and anti-Semitic purposes. Many Internet users enjoy creating racist and antisemitic memes. Although the memes have been made in good-will, the association between Pepe and white supremacy remains.

Pepe’s controversy has sparked a moral and ethical debate. It was widely condemned by politicians and received extensive media coverage. In response to the attack on Richard Spencer on inauguration day, many have been forced to consider the moral implications of publicly sanctioned violence. While this isn’t the only debate surrounding Pepe, it is certainly a hot topic. And with the rise of alt-right hate speech, it is likely to continue to gain ground.

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