Parker Schnabel Looks Like Adam Driver

Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel Looks Like Adam Driver

Parker Schnabel, one of the stars from Discovery’s hit reality show Gold Rush, may be one of the first people who comes to mind when thinking about its cast members. Not only is he well-loved among audiences and miner, he also boasts an endearing persona that draws people in. Yet fans have noted something else about Parker over time that stands out; something not related to his charisma or mining prowess: an uncanny likeness between Parker and Adam Driver from Star Wars and Girls fame!

Parker was born into a family that has long been active in gold mining, and soon started working for his father’s company before taking over Big Nugget Mine in Porcupine Creek, Alaska when he turned 24. Since then he’s been mining precious metal in Klondike region, garnering much success that earned him his own spinoff show on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Last season, the show followed an ambitious young miner as he led his crews around the globe in search of gold. His skill and dare-devil ways quickly made him a fan favorite within the series.

This year, Parker is back for another season of his series and already facing tough challenges. Following the loss of one key team member, he must restructure his team and decide whether or not to invest some $15 million into expanding mining operations.

As for his resemblance with Driver, the actor himself has noted it himself. Speaking with Hidden Remote, he noted how they share similar rangy frames and high cheekbones – even being asked by Will Ferrell himself to star in one of his Gold Rush sketches! Although, admittedly it would be weird for him.

Although it’s difficult to say with absolute certainty if Parker would make an ideal star of an SNL sketch, there’s no doubt that he has what it takes to become both an effective miner and charming TV star. At still young enough age to have an extended future ahead of him, his unique look certainly helps pave the way!

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