Oviedo High School Teacher Arrested

Oviedo High School Teacher Arrested

Florida high school teachers have been accused of making advances towards one student at their school. Police have placed them on administrative leave while they investigate, representing yet another major setback to educational profession. Numerous educators have committed crimes against their students – sexually assaulting or even engaging in lap dancing with them! This incident marks yet another blow against educators nationwide, leaving us to wonder who else may follow.

Oviedo High School music instructor John Michael White is facing charges of trying to meet with 15-year-old students for sexual encounters, using fake social media names in communication with them he believed were 15 and said it wouldn’t matter that there would be an age difference, adding he is dissatisfied with his marriage. According to an arrest affidavit filed in court proceedings he used social media fake names with various 15 year old female students which allowed them to communicate via fake accounts with each other and use of fake names on social media was used while communicating with them using fake names used when communicating with 15 year old female students on social media he believed were 15 and used fake names while communicating with them and is expected be sentenced in November.

Oviedo is a city located in Seminole County, Florida and home of Oviedo High School – a vocational school offering numerous career certification programs that give students real world experience as well as academic content through applied learning.

Oviedo High School’s music program is led by an award-winning educator, with its director hailing from Rollins College with a bachelor of music degree. With experience as both a music and visual technician at multiple high schools across Florida as well as having written musical arrangements and directed marching bands successfully for state championship competitions, Oviedo boasts one of the finest programs of its kind available anywhere.

Oviedo High School also provides various CAPE (Career and Professional Education) Academies that follow industry standards, giving students an opportunity to earn industry certifications and demonstrate their skills competency.

Hagerty High School teacher Thomas Whitehead has been arrested on sexual conduct charges – making this the fourth teacher at Hagerty to face such accusations within less than one year. An FBI sting uncovered five employees at Hagerty, including physical education teacher who allegedly kissed 17-year-old student.

Mark Hitt was identified by the girl who reported him to police as her teacher; since the investigation started he has been on leave. Hitt’s attorney told WKMG that all allegations are false and baseless and text messages between his student and Hitt were innocent and had nothing to do with sexuality; she came after hearing news that PE teacher and baseball coach kissed her at prom so was seeking sympathy and advice to get through her senior year successfully. According to Hitt he feels unfairly painted as part of a group of Hagerty High School teachers arrested for sexual misconduct charges over time despite trying his best efforts as part of a collectively painted with other Hagerty High School teachers arrested for sexual misconduct charges.

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