Over Easy Bar Rescue Update

Over Easy Bar Rescue Update

Early this month, Spike TV announced they were filming an episode of “Bar Rescue” at Fells Point’s J.A. Murphy’s, following last year’s IFC’s “Young, Broke & Beautiful” and HDNet’s “Drinking Made Easy.” Salil Gulati from Spike TV said the bar was chosen due to its constantly-changing customer roster.

Jon Taffer, the star of the series, has a reputation for getting involved with every aspect of a bar’s business – from menus and interior design to staff and more. Through his innovative management technique called Taffer Dynamics, he’s helped transform bars into vibrant and profitable establishments.

On this week’s episode, the host and his team take on a bar that has had issues since its inception. They’ve attempted to make changes, but it seems like things just aren’t working out for the owners.

Johnny and his partner have been struggling with their bar’s finances for six years, despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating it. Yet they continue to lose money each month.

They’ve had major difficulties keeping up with their rent payments. As a result, Jon had to go back to their lender in order to get everything back on track.

Jon discovers, upon reviewing a bank statement, that the owner has been using their business as an ATM and embezzling money from partners. This prompts Jon to take stock of the situation and decide whether or not to take legal action against both parties.

He then calls in some experts to help him uncover what’s causing the bar’s issues. They identify that the owner’s son is mismanaging the bar and embezzling from both his parents and partner.

Jon recognizes the danger of stress on his family’s health, so he takes action. He hires a consultant to assist them manage stress and also provides them with advice on how to make sure they have enough income to pay rent.

Over Easy, formerly known as Six Point Inn, is located in Portland, Oregon and was featured on the season four episode of “Bar Rescue.”

Jon worked closely with Oleg Pilipenko, the bar owner, to rename it Over Easy Bar and Breakfast and give it a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, Jon brought in an inviting atmosphere by brightening up the restaurant with more rustic elements.

Jon sought out master mixologist Phil Wills to craft a beverage program that showcased local ingredients and classic cocktails. Additionally, they added an extensive selection of draft beers from across the state and region, guaranteeing customers something tasty every time they stop by.

As for food, Jon wanted the restaurant to emphasize healthy meals that would appeal to their younger clientele. Additionally, he changed the menu to incorporate fresh produce and premium meats.

He also hired a chef to assist them with preparation, and hired the best bartenders he could find nearby. Now the bar’s food and drink menu features everything from burgers to full breakfasts; however, its signature dish is the chicken gravy plate which comes complimentary with each meal.

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