Outrageous Celebrity Psychology Project

An Outrageous Celebrity Psychology Project

In the UK, many are experiencing a celebrity high and there are plenty of psychologists available to help them cope. Jo Hemmings, a Londoner who runs her own Twitter page and writes six books on relationship and sexual matters, is one such psychologist; she’s even been featured on reality television shows like Britain’s Got Talent or The X Factor as a consultant.

She is an expert psychologist.

Much of her time is dedicated to researching how the daring and daring behave.

To fully grasp why, one should examine their interactions with one another and their environment.

She elaborates: Celebrities tend to use the internet as their primary form of communication, staying constantly connected through computer networks.

This connection is the root cause of many issues affecting the mental health of a whole generation of youngsters.

Giles’ research is quite remarkable, to say the least.

The primary challenge facing these starlets is how to help them cope with the increasing stress and pressure that comes from being in the public spotlight.

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