Olivia Rodrigo In Yellow Dress

Olivia Rodrigo in Yellow Dress and Heels

Olivia Rodrigo is a true Gen-Z fashion icon. She has a knack for mixing and matching vintage pieces that she picks up from second-hand stores or online to create unique outfits.

She is not afraid to experiment with colors, prints and textures, making her looks both bold and edgy. She is also known for her ability to mix and match different styles of shoes.

For the AMAs in November 2021, she rocked a yellow David Koma dress with feather trim that reflected her personality and made her stand out among the other attendees. She paired it with metallic heels to make it pop even more.

Then, at Variety’s Hitmakers Brunch in December, she wore a fun Calvin Luo spaghetti-strap minidress with an oversized bow across her chest to show off her songwriter status.

Her dazzling style is not only a testament to her talent, but it’s also a reflection of how quickly she’s leaving her young years behind for an adult lifestyle. As a child actress, fans have watched her grow from a coddled Disney Channel kid into an internationally-acclaimed pop star.

She has since been a staple in the fashion world, attending major red carpet events with a fierce sartorial sense. From her first Met Gala to her visit to the White House in a chic Chanel suit, she’s been a fashion star to watch.

If you want to emulate her look, you can get the same eye-catching green jacket that she wore at the movie premiere in 2021 (it’s nearly sold out) from H&M for $50. For another similar look, you can try a mirrored silver slinky dress, like the one she wore at the 2022 Brit Awards.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of slinky platform heels, especially when they’re paired with sheer thigh highs. You can also pair them with a matching corset, as Liv did when she attended the 2021 Fanci Club Fall/Winter collection launch party with her girlfriends.

Whether you’re going for a boho look or a more classic sexy style, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, including lace, velvet and silk dresses. A simple pair of jeans and a chunky sweater is always a great choice, too.

When it comes to shoes, her wardrobe has a focus on comfort, as she often wears back leather boots by Dr. Martens and Naked Wolfe, along with sneakers by Vans and Converse. She also loves to incorporate her edgy style into her off-duty look by wearing chunky platform boots or brogues by Miu Miu and Simon Miller.

She often mixes and matches her clothing to reflect the various stages of her career, but she is also known for wearing a variety of second-hand garments to create unique outfits. She has a penchant for vintage pieces that she often mixes and matches for different shows.

She also wore a pink tweed suit with plaid stripes, a favorite of her stylists, to the White House. She layered it with black socks and swapped the platform heels for black Chanel loafers afterward.

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