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Who Is Olivia Newton-John?

Olivia Newton-John had become an established pop star by the late 1970s with her string of country and soft rock hits, but it was John Travolta’s 1978 movie musical Grease that propelled her into stardom and cemented her place among today’s beloved female singers. Newton-John was cast as Sandy Olson in this legendary flick and immediately captured audiences’ hearts when playing one of its main roles – an alpha greaser named Danny being romancing by Travolta during filming! Though Newton-John had limited acting experience (she turned 29 during filming!), Newton-John managed to win over audiences when portraying Sandy Olson – instantly captivating audiences with her portrayal as she instantly won them all over with her portrayal as Sandy Olson!

With its catchy lyrics about “dancing in the dark” and “when you touch me it’s like a touch of magic,” You’re the One That I Want from the film became an instantaneous hit. Additionally, its music video featuring Newton-John in her signature leotard and headband cavorting among hardbody models and chunky people trying to lose weight became part of an increasing physical fitness craze.

Newton-John’s success as an artist peaked with her debut in 1972’s My Fair Lady; however, over time she fell from grace slightly, drifting in and out of public eye until eventually making a comeback as an author, philanthropist, and advocate for cancer research more recently. Newton-John was often featured as a guest host on reality shows such as American Idol and Xanadu.

But it was her bold courage in exploring the darker sides of life–including her relationship with fame–that made her such an icon and kept fans coming back for more. Additionally, she was an animal rights activist and champion for medicinal cannabis use; often discussing her personal fight against cancer in public forums.

At a time when women can often appear objectified by male viewers, it is refreshing to see films like Xanadu that don’t shy away from depicting their sensuality and sexuality. Newton-John’s performance as well as its song score featuring ELO classics help make this movie an engaging love story that will appeal to many audiences.

Newton-John, usually on the move weekly for work, took great joy in her ranch home in Santa Barbara where she enjoyed gardening, planting tomatoes and eating what had grown. She relished being locked down for weeks at a time – she told Good Morning America it was rare treat being at home more than a few days at a time – as well as relishing cooking for herself and sharing meals with family members: “I really enjoy making meals and sharing them out to family; it gives you such satisfaction to cook your own food!” Tragically she died this April of cancer at age 69 – we miss her greatly.

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