Og Bobby Johnson Meme

The OG Bobby Johnson Meme

The OG Bobby Johnson meme is a phenomenon that started in Atlanta, but has since spread across the world. The song, which is sung by Que, is a viral hit that has gone from a local Atlanta favorite to a national club staple. Drake co-signed the song, and Lebron declared it his “gameday theme song.” The meme-friendly hook makes the song an instant classic, and it thrusts Que into the limelight. After the success of the song, Que signed a new record deal with Atlantic.

The meme’s origins can be traced back in the 1960s when Johnson’s father was still a young boy from Kansas City. The two boys were playing video games together, and the joke began. They were joking and giggling about their parents, their favorite TV show, and what not. Their favorite movie was “Duck Hunting,” and they were laughing about it.

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