Normando Valentin

Normando Valentin is an esteemed reporter at Wapa TV who made his debut with them in 2014. He presents NotiCentro 4 and NotiCentro al Amanecer at WAPA.

He also writes for Primera Hora newspaper.

Early Life and Education

Normando Hernandez Gonzalez was born in Camaguey, Cuba and worked as a journalist before founding the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and Press. During a period known as Black Spring repression in 2003 – arrest and imprisonment at Cuba’s most brutal prisons for reporting news which ran counter to regime viewpoint.

As a result of joint efforts between the Catholic Church and government of Spain, he was released in 2010 through a process called decarceration. Since then he has resided in the US where he works as a journalist.

Normando was initially associated with people from Normandy in France; today however, it has become a universal first name used across the world. People with this surname tend to feel connected with its history and often proudly display it.

Professional Career

Normando Valentin is an esteemed physician and healthcare executive. His impressive resume spans medicine, technology, and politics – from being CEO of Professional Hospital Guaynabo in Puerto Rico leading technological advances and infrastructure improvements, to acting as Global Healthcare Alliance Manager at NVIDIA Corporation where he combined medical expertise with technological innovations.

Valentin was fortunate enough to work alongside Keylla Hernandez, an award-winning journalist and media personality at Wapa TV. Keylla made headlines after making her courageous return from chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer; leaving a profound impactful legacy with both colleagues and viewers alike.

Achievement and Honors

Normando Valentin recently celebrated two decades of informing Puerto Ricans on WAPA TV’s stage, leading them to understand what’s going on through NotiCentro Edicion Estelar and being host of Ahi esta la verdad program. Now with one year contract left on WAPA TV based out of Hato Rey city center rumors swirl that he could soon move over to Telemundo Puerto Rico where his NotiCentro Edicion Estelar leads NotiCentro Edicion Estelar leads NotiCentro Edicion Estelar program leads his anchor position for Ahi esta la verdad program

Personal Life

Normando Valentin is an eminent family man who takes great pleasure in spending time with his loved ones and is also a popular social media influencer who regularly uploads beautiful images onto his pages.

As well as radio personality and news anchor for Wapa TV, his charismatic rapport with colleagues like Layza Torres, Keylla Hernandez and Monika Candelaria has helped them build an avid following among viewers.

He often collaborates with other influencers on projects and shows. Furthermore, he has an outstanding work ethic and is self-motivated, which gives his work incredible strength – not only inform the public but hold power accountable as well. A full report may include details regarding schools attended, degrees earned and any liens, judgments or evictions issued against him.

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