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Norman Osborn – The Green Goblin’s Oldest Enemy

Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin were two of the longest-standing Multiversal villains featured in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Osborn had amassed immense power as an Oscorp scientist, yet when he attempted to gain superhuman abilities via experimental treatments at Oscorp, this only served to give him even greater ability and ultimately turn him into a psychotic madman who would do anything for power.

Since 1963 when Marvel comics first started publishing Spider-Man comics, he has been one of his fiercest adversaries – known as one of Marvel’s most brutal adversaries and master manipulator, Electro is determined to overthrow Spider-Man and take control of the world.

Norman Osborn has long been one of Spider-Man’s archenemies and will remain one for some time to come; we already saw an extended glimpse of him in Avengers: Endgame!

As far as villains go, they are an omniscient master of the multiverse; their enemies can be found across universes without ever leaving home or body; furthermore they possess formidable fighting skills which make them lethal on battlefield and battle with other heroes alike.

He’s an exceptionally brilliant villain: possessing outstanding knowledge in electronics and weapon-related chemistry, as well as pushing his abilities to exceptional levels. His arsenal includes smoke-emitting bombs, incendiary grenades, and much more.

No wonder he is so widely despised: His power-hungry nature recalls that of psychopathic kingpins from the early 1960s, while his ability to manipulate others has seen him exact vengeful revenge upon anyone who has wronged him.

Norman is not just limited to physical strength; his abilities extend far beyond it, covering such things as reflexes and endurance as well as regeneration abilities that rival those of Spider-Man.

Norman is powered largely by the Goblin formula he consumed when he was still young, which gave him enhanced physical capabilities such as lifting weights and running fast, as well as making him smarter than average humans. This chemical also contributed to an increase in intelligence; making Norman significantly smarter than average people.

He possesses tremendous kinetic energy that he can transfer into his glider or other vehicles for use in combat, making him even more lethal in battle. Furthermore, his psionic sense allows him to read other characters’ emotions and predict their movements with remarkable accuracy.

Osborn has always been difficult to grasp due to his powerful abilities, yet his obsession with power and lack of empathy for Harry have made him appear as more of a villain than an honest parent.

As a result, Venom became one of the most beloved and revered villains ever created for Marvel Comics series – even helping shape his development over time. One could consider him one of the greatest adversaries ever to oppose Spidey!

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