Noah Schnapp Says Hi To Zendaya

Noah Schnapp Says Hi to Zendaya at the People’s Choice Awards

Celebrity crushes can be like taking an unexpected journey that you didn’t plan on taking. Whether it’s someone in the street or a media star, there’s no escaping the rush that comes with meeting and falling in love with someone special. No one understands this feeling quite like Noah Schnapp does – no one does!

At the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards, he had the unique opportunity to finally meet Zendaya – who recently won her drama TV star award. For him, it was an euphoria to finally meet Zendaya in person!

Though they had been seen together earlier in the year, it hadn’t yet been official until Sunday when they finally made it official.

Reports indicate the young actor was overjoyed when he encountered Zendaya at the People’s Choice Awards and couldn’t help but beam with joy. He even shared his excitement with Jimmy Fallon during their encounter at the event.

During their interview, Stranger Things star revealed his deep-seated admiration for Spider-Man: No Way Home actress and is eager to meet her face-to-face. He’s sure he can win her over too, no doubt about that!

He possesses the perfect personality to play Spider-Man, making him a potential fit for the role. Should Tom Holland ever decide to retire from acting, he’s ready to assume control of Spider-Man’s title.

That said, both actors have been busy with work recently – which can be an encouraging sign.

Furthermore, Zendaya’s stunning beauty makes it easy to understand why he would be drawn to her: she truly is a total babe.

It’s no shock that Zendaya and Noah have felt an instant connection since their first public encounter – the actor even described her as “the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Though this may sound like hyperbole, the two have been open about their mutual feelings and love for one another in interviews.

At the 2018 MTV Movie & Awards, Schnapp won a Best Frightened Performance award and had to say “hi” to his longtime crush before beginning his speech. He wasn’t sure where to begin his introduction when she appeared in the audience but quickly snapped onto “Hi, Zendaya!”

Since their first meeting in 2018, they’ve been seen together on multiple occasions. It appears they will keep up the momentum as they grow closer. Hopefully they can make it to the next ceremony and say hi once more!

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