Nikki From Love And Hip Hop Before Surgery

Nikki Mudarris From Love and Hip Hop Before Surgery

The Love and Hip Hop TV series has always focused on the glitter and glitz of hip hop culture. The docu-soap follows a group of young celebrities as they strive to make it in this industry; its cast includes singers, rappers and models.

Nikki Mudarris is an American model and entrepreneur best known for her appearances on reality television show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Additionally, she manages several clubs owned by her family as well as co-owning an online designer lingerie company with her partner.

She is an incredibly popular and influential person on social media, boasting over 3.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

She is also active on Twitter with 340.8 thousand followers.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She has a close-knit relationship with both her parents and siblings.

She has long been a passionate supporter of hip hop music, joining several rap groups and performing for thousands of fans worldwide. Additionally, her songs have made it onto top charts across multiple countries.

Nikki Mudarris is renowned for not only her fame and success, but also her beauty. She boasts super smooth skin that many admire.

The ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. She’s shared both before- and after-surgery pictures of herself for fans’ viewing pleasure.

Celebrities often transform their breasts after undergoing plastic surgery, creating an even more sultry and desirable figure.

Nikki has revealed on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ that she had her breasts reshaped, making her appear much curvier.

Her breasts are not only huge, but they’re perfectly round too, making her an appealing option among many women and viewers of the show.

She has also undergone rhinoplasty treatment to alter her nose shape, creating a smaller bridge with an increasingly narrow and smoother profile.

She strives to maintain the family tradition of having many strip clubs in order to enhance her looks.

The American entrepreneur often features her chest in photos. She says that she will do anything to maintain and enhance her beauty, including exercising regularly and eating nutritiously.

She has also undergone plastic surgeries on her nose, agreeing to have it modified using both medical skill and artistry. At the end of the operation, her nose was pointed and straightened out at the tip.

Her butt has also undergone a significant cosmetic transformation, growing larger than before.

People often strive to enhance their physical appearances and have a more attractive body. Furthermore, many find it an ego boost when they see someone who looks better than they do.

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