Nicolina American Idol Mom

Nicolina American Idol Mom

Nicolina Bozzo has made history on American Idol by becoming one of the few Canadian contestants to make it this far. Hailing from Toronto, she stunned all four judges on Sunday night when she performed Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and earned praise from Katy Perry as “angelic”, while other judges likened her vocal performance to Pentatonix or even k.d. Lang.

Luke Bryan was also impressed by her performance, calling her one of his favorites in the competition. “You are an absolute star; enjoy this vibe!” He told her that she could handle this stage like it was meant for her.

Leah Marlene from Canada made an impressionful performance as she sang Sara Bareilles’ She Used to Be Mine. Leah hails from Chicago but now resides in Nashville; her voice rivaled even that of Emmylou Harris while singing She Used To Be Mine with guitar accompaniment and gave judges Emmylou Harris vibes! Leah has also performed on Broadway and with other artists.

Both performers have made great strides toward reaching the top 14, receiving support from family members. Nicolina’s father Dave is proud of her achievements, posting about them frequently on social media. Clara, though not biological, has played an instrumental role in Nicolina’s life; although Clara left when they were very young, she continues to provide comforting guidance – dedicating a Mother’s Day performance just for Nicolina!

Nicolina is best known for her music on Tiktok where she has amassed over 250,000 followers. Her debut EP entitled Moving On features three songs. A passionate traveler who believes in experiencing as much of life as possible, Nicolina uses music as a vehicle to connect with many people while using her talent in meaningful ways throughout her life.

Nicolina took an emotional approach when auditioning for the show. She dedicated her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah to her grandmother who was present, leaving all three judges speechless; several even shed a tear – Katy Perry and Luke Bryan especially were impressed by Nicolina’s performance and many were moved to tears themselves.

Nicolina hasn’t shared much about her personal life on social media, but some images posted by her family show she is close with them and enjoys spending time together. She has two sisters who also sing, her parents being Dave and Clara Bozzo who she refers to as her parents; there has been no indication whether or not she has an official partner yet but some reports claim she may be single.

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