New Kids On The Block Bedding

New Kids on the Block Bedding

New Kids on the Block was one of America’s best-loved boy bands for decades, formed in 1985 by Maurice Starr and featuring Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre. From there they quickly rose through pop music’s ranks with hit after hit – selling millions in merchandise such as lunch boxes, dolls, bed sheets etc through various creative advertising avenues.

Now in their early 50s (except Joey who is 49), the brothers continue to perform and record. Following a surprise reunion in 2008 that capitalized on their remaining nostalgic appeal and brought them back onto the charts, the boys have gone on to release three additional albums as well as performing numerous tours since.

In addition to their summer tour, The New Kids recently joined forces with the Backstreet Boys on an unprecedented collaboration tour known as the Total Package Tour. This two-time American Music Award-winning group brings the crowds alive with lively shows that include dance moves, heart thumping beats and glittery ensembles; their recent show in Minneapolis proved no exception!

The New Kids have aged gracefully since their glory days of the 1990s, yet their youthful energy remains vibrant and infectious. They keep audiences laughing and clapping along as they perform hit after hit.

Are you in search of some throwback Kids on the Block bedding to refresh your bedroom? Now available on their website is an exclusive range of throwback merch inspired by the Blockhead bedsheet pattern that once graced millions of teenage girls’ bedrooms. Featuring old school portraits, autographs and doodles from band members as well as old-school portraits and autographs. Available items include oven mitts, coasters, pint glasses coffee mugs aprons dishtowels face masks plus more from this collection which are all currently available now – check back often as more items become available soon.

Tuck offers eco-conscious bedding made of Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton and Tencel Lyocell fabric (a closed loop fabric with minimal environmental impact). Their sheets are cozy yet luxurious against your skin; wrinkle-free and easy to care for!

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