Never Have I Ever Poster

Never Have I Ever Poster Review

Mindy Kaling has been an entertainment industry force for more than 15 years, working as both a comedian and writer. She has written and co-produced various movies and television shows such as The Mindy Project; more recently her Netflix show Never Have I Ever made its debut and quickly gained praise from both critics and viewers – even receiving recognition at this year’s People’s Choice Awards!

Season 3 of Never Have I Ever features Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her new boyfriend Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet) on its poster. Devi is excited for a new school year following being paralyzed due to a heart attack; but is grieving his death at the same time.

One year ago, Devi was involved in an accident which claimed her father. Since then she has been grieving his loss, yet remains unwilling to discuss it with anyone; most notably Dr. Ryan (Niecy Nash).

Rhyah (Poorna Jagannathan) initially finds herself undecided on whether or not to support Paxton, yet ultimately does. Although she acknowledges his potential worth as a person, Rhyah fears he isn’t the right one for her daughter.

Devi and Paxton both share similar goals: finding love. While both understand that hard work and determination are necessary to success, they also recognize its importance to remain kind and respectful to one another.

Love can be exciting and fulfilling; however, Devi and Paxton often struggle with feelings of insecurity and failure in their romance. Furthermore, there’s always the fear that they’ll end up like their counterparts from episode 1, with Devi in a wheelchair and Paxton paralyzed.

Season 3’s trailer indicates that Devi and Paxton’s relationship will continue, although it won’t come without challenges or work from both parties involved. It will require patience and hard work in order to maintain.

Cast members are all talented actors and do an outstanding job bringing different characters to life through humor, even when addressing difficult subjects or issues.

These characters possess enough charisma to be likeable, and can communicate effectively among themselves. Unfortunately, however, the show does contain several mature discussions regarding sexuality that may be upsetting to some teenage viewers. Furthermore, kissing and flirting scenes do take place throughout each episode, along with discussions of romantic interests being brought up at times.

This show may not be perfect, but it holds great potential to serve as an icon of pride for Indian Americans. Its depiction of teens and their struggles is realistic while representing many South Asian cultures accurately. Furthermore, this show serves as a prime example of how cultural authenticity and comedic gold can co-exist; thus deserving much praise.

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