Neon Animal Print Swimsuit

Neon Animal Print Bikini, Bond Eye, Oseree, and More

When the sun is out, you’ll want to be in a swimsuit that not only looks good but feels fantastic too. Choose from monochrome or neon colors, two-piece or one-piece designs, tropical prints or zebra patterns – whatever suits you prefer! Whatever style you go for, these suits will surely turn heads at the pool and make you feel like an absolute beach goddess!

Neon Animal Print Bikini

As we enter 2019, we’re seeing a surge in neon animal-print swimsuits, such as leopard, cheetah and jaguar. It’s not surprising that these patterns are all about style and eye-catching fashion. What’s even better about these animal-print swimsuits is they are affordable and can easily be mixed and matched with other styles for an effortlessly cool look.

Bond Eye

Established in 2011 by Steve Philpott, Bond Eye was created to offer swimwear that exuded personality. To that end, they use tubular crinkle fabric crafted from premium European fibers for the hems; further, these swimsuits feature exclusive fullflex rubber that won’t weaken over time.

Solid & Striped

Isaac Ross of Solid & Striped got the idea for his men’s swimwear brand while relaxing in the Hamptons and observing a friend’s dad show up poolside wearing an old-school suit. Drawing inspiration from this memory, Isaac created his collection with neon Neoprene, eight color prints, and no embellishments – just neon!

The brand’s loyal fanbase loves its neoprene swimsuits, but it is also known for the variety in its designs. There is a wide range of styles available from ruched, triangle, to straight cut cuts that will flatter any body type.


Established by Isabelle and Jannine, Oseree is a French-inspired label that encourages women to take risks and make statements. The name comes from the French verb “ose,” meaning “to dare.” This brand believes in empowering women by creating pieces like this ruffled-one-shoulder cobalt swimsuit or metallic bikini top – everything designed with one goal in mind: making you look and feel your best!

Oseree strives to create swimwear that reflects the real you, so they prioritize quality and sustainability in all their pieces. They collaborate with artisan groups around the world to craft their collection of tiny string bikinis, sophisticated one-pieces, and daring animal print numbers.

Tropic of C

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel founded this sustainable swimwear brand in 2018 and her carefully curated selection of small-string bikinis, one-pieces, and animal prints is sure to give you confidence on the beach. As a purpose-driven business that works closely with artisan groups to guarantee quality and sustainability in their designs, Tropic of C strives for perfection every step of the way.

Brazilian brand VOZSI

Their high-quality prints and materials make their swimsuits ideal for kids to play, learn and have fun in. Not only are these designs soft to touch, breathable, chlorine resistant and featuring a four-way stretch for comfort, VOZSI designs are eco-friendly too – providing ultimate comfort!

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