Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Base

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Base Review – The Basics

Eyeshadow base is a cream-based product used before applying shadows for an enhanced, vibrant look. It bonds to the eyeshadow and helps it to stay put all day – especially matte or glittery shades.

Review of Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Base: The Basics

When Natasha Denona sent me some products to try out, one that really stood out was her eyeshadow base. This cream-based base has a thick and tacky texture which helps the eyeshadow adhere to skin for extended wear.

This primer is great for keeping your eyeshadow in place and extending the longevity of your look up to 16 hours. Plus, it has a comfortable soft-focus finish which doesn’t feel dry on the eyes.

It has a very fine applicator, making it simple to apply and get just the right amount of coverage on your eyes. Furthermore, this product is cruelty-free and paraben-free – always an added benefit!

Eyeshadow bases come in two shades. The light shade works best for fair to light skin tones, while the medium one provides coverage on medium to tan skin tones.

I appreciated that this product was lightweight and didn’t feel heavy or oily on my eyes. Plus, its soft focus finish makes it perfect even for sensitive eyes.

Natasha Denona offers an affordable product that allows you to try her famous eyeshadows! You can purchase this item on her website as well as at various retailers.

You can find this product at Sephora and Beautylish!

It comes in a magnetic flat palette similar to the Eyeshadow 28 palette (Green Brown reviewed and swatched here). With 18 eyeshadows, it’s an ideal size for beginners.

Individual single shadows of these eyeshadows can be purchased, however it’s a bit pricey. The 5 pan palette offers an excellent deal and it’s worth trying the product before making your purchase.

I highly recommend this eyeshadow base to anyone searching for a quality eyeshadow base to use. It is incredibly versatile, able to be applied on any skin tone with either fingertip application or brush application.

Natasha Denona’s renowned shadows are perfect for beginners, as they’re easy to use and won’t leave behind powder on your eyes like other brands may do.

However, those who already own her famous eyeshadows will find this product to be a perfect addition to their makeup collection. With this primer, it’s simple to build up the color and you can wear it all over your face too – giving you plenty of options!

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