Napoleon Dynamite Character Costumes

Napoleon Dynamite Character Costumes

Napoleon Dynamite, a 2004 cult classic that has become beloved among cosplayers ever since its release, follows an awkward high schooler named Napoleon who lives with his grandmother and older brother Kip in Preston, Idaho.

The movie follows Napoleon as he attempts to fit in at school while dealing with personal issues at home. He meets Pedro Sanchez, a new kid at school who helps him cope with his social outcast status and launches an election campaign for school president.

Napoleon, despite his awkwardness, has many interests and is an accomplished dancer. In addition to that, he spends a great deal of time drawing Ligers (bred for their battle skills), unicorns, and other mythical beasts.

He enjoys martial arts, which may explain why he loves breakdancing so much! If you want to cosplay as this hilarious character, here are some essential items.

Start your campaign for Pedro with a white and red “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt. You can pick one up at your local store or order it online.

An oversized pair of metal-rimmed glasses from the 1980s makes a perfect costume accessory. You can purchase these on Amazon or at a thrift store.

For this eccentric character, you’ll need a short, curly brown wig. You can purchase one similar at your local costume shop or craft one yourself for maximum effect.

Another essential item in Napoleon’s high school wardrobe is his Walkman. He enjoys listening to music while dancing, so it’s essential that he always has it with him.

In the movie, Napoleon and his friends engage in a variety of activities and have an enjoyable time. They learn how to dance by listening to D-Qwon’s “Dance Moves” tape, while simultaneously winning over Deb – a shy girl at their school – by offering her to join them for dancing at the next school dance.

Other characters from the film include Uncle Rico, a deranged former football player. While his attitude can be somewhat arrogant, his personality makes for great comedy in this role.

It’s impossible not to laugh at some of the jokes and lines in this hilarious cult comedy. It makes for a great movie night with friends, especially if you don’t have much money or are unfamiliar with its storyline.

If you’re interested in cosplaying a character from Napoleon Dynamite, these helpful DIY costume guides can make the process easy and fun! These instructions will assist with creating costumes for any of the main characters from this movie – such as Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro Sanchez, Deb Bradshaw or Uncle Rico!

These costumes can all be made with items found at your local thrift store. If you’re a true fan of this movie, even purchase official merchandise to wear as your costume! Even if you’re not into movies, having fun wearing these costumes as an ensemble or with friends is still fun! These outfits take only minutes to put together and are ideal for Halloween or any other special occasion!

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