Naomi Judd Books In Order

Naomi Judd Books in Order

Aside from the good ol’ fashioned tv and radio gigs, Naomi Judd has been a rockstar in the country music industry. In fact, she sold over twenty million albums and earned herself six Grammy awards to boot. It’s no wonder she is one of the most successful female musicians in history. But where does this country girl go when she isn’t slaying the stage? That’s where the best friends come in.

There’s no doubt that Naomi is one of the most talented performers in the business, but what she hasn’t shown up her most talented mate. Nevertheless, her effervescent personality still shines through when she’s not performing or promoting her new album. Not to mention the two kids that make her the envy of a lot of moms and pops. One might even get the impression she is the queen of the house.

The tv and radio gigs have given way to a more fulfilling career as a mother of two, but it’s not all bad news. She’s still got the good looks she is renowned for, and she is the proudest of her two daughters. And she still makes time for a glass of wine or two at the drop of a hat.

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