My Miracle Luna Complete

My Miracle Luna Complete – A Journey to the Moon

Journey to the Moon

My miracle luna complete is a captivating storyline filled with hand-drawn cinematics and an enchanting soundtrack that will transport you into an imaginative realm where your imagination can run wild. Whether exploring an ancient tower in the sky or searching for lost treasures, you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere of mystery and awe that will leave you feeling like your own personal hero.

My Light Bow (S1) is one of my character’s most impressive abilities, offering scale=20|20% damage reduction to enemies hit with it and a 10% chance to project an ethereal manifestation that rushes and stuns enemies every 0.15s. Furthermore, hits from this skill restore scale=2|2% Moonlight which can be used to heal allies around you for 135 health per 0.15s.

Moonlight (S2) is an impressive ability that’s as impressive as it sounds. It grants a scale=20|20% increase to your Movement Speed and health when under 100|100% of maximum health. Furthermore, this effect reduces the cooldown for your initial deploy by scale=1.2|1.2s, as well as having other beneficial effects available.

The best part is that my Moonlight does it all in a unique and uncopyable way – unlike other skills in the game, which can only do one trick. My Moonlight also has the unique ability to teleport yourself and friends around the map at 50% speed, enabling you to utilize other skills which require close proximity to opponents such as Magic Missile (S3) which slings an energy ball dealing scale=800>(stackable) damage when struck by an enemy.

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