Mutts And Meows Animal Rescue

How to Find a Responsible Mutts and Meows Animal Rescue

People often abandon their pets at La Brea Tar Pits or throw them from windows; Molly Wootton of Molly’s Mutts and Meows is there to pick these scared, homeless animals up, provide food, shelter and medical care until they find their “forever homes”.

Fostering pets is an invaluable way to foster and learn about them before adopting. You’ll get to understand their personality and behavior more fully – increasing their chance of adoption!

Responsible rescues take great care to assess each animal they take in, being honest if they believe one may not fit your home environment, while working to find suitable placement options.

Most rescue organizations are non-profit or 501c3 charities, meaning they’re exempt from paying taxes. You should be able to request copies of their tax-exempt status documents when asking about rescue organizations.

Responsible rescues ensure their animals are up to date on vaccinations. If a rescue claims their dogs have been vaccinated, ask to see proof from a licensed veterinarian that each one underwent a complete exam; otherwise walk away to avoid questionable rescues that don’t prioritize animal wellbeing first.

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