Muskegon Heights High School Shooting

Muskegon Heights High School Shooting

On Tuesday night, a shooting outside Muskegon Heights high school left several people injured, including two women. A suspect was apprehended and charged with multiple crimes such as assault with a dangerous weapon and felony firearm.

According to WOOD-TV news channel in Muskegon Heights, the shooting occurred around 9:30 p.m. Clarence Jamichael McCaleb, 21, is suspected of firing the shots and is being held without bond at Muskegon County Jail.

McCaleb was believed to be the only individual, aside from police, with a weapon. A press release issued by Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office indicated that McCaleb faces assault with a dangerous weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon charges.

Police confirm the shooting was not related to a domestic dispute.

The shooter was an individual who was dating the victim’s former wife, according to court documents. Julius Muhammad, 53 years old and on school board duty since 2014, is expected to start his new job early next year.

Jackson’s public schools have seen multiple shootings in recent months, prompting officials to consider taking extra precautions for student safety. According to WOOD-TV, the city is considering whether to hire more security officers.

Meanwhile, a former law enforcement officer with expertise in school safety is working with the district to help it get back on track. With over $30 million in debt and an acute staffing shortage, they need help finding a superintendent.

Wood-TV reports the board has hired a consultant to assist it with these challenges. It has given itself until October 17th to develop a corrective action plan and begin searching for a superintendent.

At present, Muskegon Heights schools are administered by an appointed academy board and elected district officials have had little influence over them. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who represents a large district near Muskegon Heights, is closely monitoring the situation and working with the board to get things back on track.

This isn’t the first time a false threat has been made against a high school in the area. Just last week, officials in Battle Creek and Benton Harbor were investigating similar allegations which turned out to be fabrications.

Though the report was not dire, it serves as a stark reminder that our community must do more to keep its children safe. Additionally, it urges us all to work together for school safety and security measures that meet international standards.

Another incident like Muskegon Heights serves as a stark reminder that we must do better in our state. According to Bayer, “we must strive to make our schools safe places for all students – not just some.”

She has long been a supporter of the Heights, yet she remains concerned for the safety of her family and friends. She wants assurance that the district is doing everything it can to keep everyone in the community secure.

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